Happy Birthday, Daniel!

I can’t think of a better setting for a 4 year old’s birthday party than the local Fire Department! It’s the year every car ride is full of exclamations of “Firetruck!” ,” Tractor!”, “18 Wheeler!” and anything else with wheels that’s BIG! I still occasionally catch myself yelling out-sometimes in a car full of women (who just laugh, cause they had boys, too!)

Daniels’ celebration was super fun for all the kids! The balloon guy made amazing things-like the firetruck complete with a hose and a fireman’s hat for Daniel…and butterflies, and swords, and even caricatures of the parents! Fireman Miller gave everyone the tour of the station and showed off his cool gear! There are sooo many fun things to photograph…here are a few images that showcase the guest of honor…Happy 4th Birthday, Daniel!

To see Daniel’s Birthday show, click here!

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