Post lull

I believed it when I posted the “Spring is Coming” blog entry! My family was recovering from the flu when I saw the blooms in my backyard that offered a hope that winter, with all the things it brings that isolate us, is almost over…well…little did I know that winter had an encore in store for us! Days of rain followed by a beautiful true snow that covered the upstate in a matter of hours cut into my already delayed packing and left us without power for 2.5 days! (I really am NOT a snow fan!) We “moved” into the new house, which did have power and after a long week of going back and forth with and without power at the old home, we completed the move, thawed out, and got the computers plugged in again!!!

Remember that gorgeous blue sky and dainty pink blossoms from a few posts ago…what a difference a week can make!

Now, here are a few shots of our new place, the snow covered road leading to it, the yard, and finally the day we moved in officially-with most of the snow melted…

March 12, 2009 - 7:28 pm

Amy Caudle Lack - I love your house. It looks so cozy!

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