They Said “I do”

It was a gorgeous Saturday last week when Krista, Brandon, their families, and friends gathered, literally, from all over the world, to celebrate the beginning of their journey as husband and wife….and it was obvious that God was smiling on this union! The day was absolutely “glorious” !!! You two have not only stolen the hearts of each other, but of all who know you! It was such an honor to capture this Holy ocassion for you! Here are a few of my favorites…

One of my favorite moments of the day was when the posing groomsmen parted to let Brandon’s sweet girls see their daddy for the first time!

This was another moment that brought me and others to tears…as Shari Horner sang a song written especially for the couple, they embraced as they listened.

One of my ALL time favorite “after ceremony” stolen moments!

There were 2 sweet families, a fun wedding party, and lots of guests, too! So don’t miss this show-I will warn you I got a little carried away and the show is LONG! I hope you enjoy it anyway! Turn your speakers on and watch here!

April 15, 2009 - 7:24 am

Shari - I can hardly type for the tears in my eyes. This wedding and the slide show were a “portrait” of God’s love – spoken through the lives of two who have known His touch, His redemption, His very Presence as He walked their path with them. A “concert of colors” and you captured it!

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