WPPI Roadtrip-Wild Ride!

I left Greenville late Sunday afternoon after Jaqui and Mark’s wedding to make the soggy trip to Atlanta for the 1st WPPI Roadtrip in the Southeast! I was super excited!

So…I’ve just shot my first rainy wedding and my back is in typical post-wedding throb. I’m heading to Atlanta with anxiety over driving in that traffic, especially in the rain. I’m following the directions I’d printed from the hotel’s receipt. My friend Christy Mason and I are just chatting it up and  having a good ride, waiting to get to our exit- #87.  Now…traffic is getting heavier and heavier, rain is getting heavier and heavier, it’s gone from dark to darker …you get the picture-tension! Then finally, exit 88! We’re almost there-whew! …then exit 86! Did I blink?! You’ve GOT to be kidding me! As much as I complain about Mike’s “maggie” I’m buying a GPS later today!

After a few calls to the hotel, a passby of the cool Atlanta skyline, then Turner field, then miles of weird desolation,  and 55 minutes later, we cross back under I-85 completing our CIRCLE AROUND Atanta! We finally arrived to the luxurious Crown Plaza ready for sleep! If we hadn’t been so tired we may have walked around and snapped some shots for you to see-it’s gorgeous!

The conference started at 8am! (You know that was a HUGE ‘ugh’ for me!) and 10 hours later, we headed home, our heads spinning with wonderful information from 4 amazing speakers! I LOVED Sarah Petty! I cannot wait to implement some marketing ideas of this incredible woman! I was also thrilled to hear from Kevin Kubota, who in addition to being an amazing photographer creates rocking actions that make the rest of us look good, too!

The ride home was just as eventful as the ramps from I-85 to 285 were blocked due to flooding. So we were sandwiched between 2 18-wheelers for about 1 hour and 5 miles…finally getting to the loop in the sky towards Greenville.

Happy to be home! Here are 3, count them 3! shots I took while I was there Well, I actually didn’t take one of them! (:

 Amy Wood, me, Christy Mason waiting to hear from Kevin Kubota!

Here’s my friend, the fabulous Amy Wood, in one of the groovy orange chairs from the lobby-LOVED them!

I hope as I process the information I received yesterday and implement some of the awesome ideas, that you will see positive changes in Kim DeLoach Photography in the next few months…stay tuned!

September 23, 2009 - 11:38 pm

Leslie Kerrigan - Sounds like yall had fun…I want to hear all about it!! next time you go to a conference, count me in!! :)

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