It’s the Simple Gifts

A  gift doesn’t have to be elaborate to be amazing! This is a gift I received this morning from my friend Kailey and I just loved it! The Diet Coke bottles will  be properly emptied after refrigeration and I’ll hang the adorable bottles on the tree, always remembering that Kailey and her mom know me and love me. Isn’t that what it’s all about…to be known and loved!

That’s why the most simple baby born to the most simple mom and dad in the most simple of places was the greatest gift of all time! That God knew us. Knew we wouldn’t be perfect. Knew we needed the redemption of a Savior. That God loved us. Loved us enough to take on human flesh and dwell among us and be riduculed in life and torture in death. Loved us enough to put the plan in motion, even though it meant pain, so that we be in relationship with Him now and forever. It’s that simple…and priceless!

Merry Christmas!

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