Susan and Geoff!

Geoff and Mike have been close friends for years, even though for many years there has been a large and sometimes huge geographic distance between them. We were delighted when, finally, a few short years ago, Geoff met his soul mate in Susan.  We have loved getting to know her and pray often that the thrill of the life they lead now, would be replaced by a slower, less thrilling life here in Greenville…cause when they’re “home” we just hate to see them leave!

Susan is a “life coach” (I’m sure there’s a more technically correct name she’ll want me to replace this with) and I’m very stoked to be swapping services with her! She allowed me to grab some shots of her for her upcoming website, some of her and Geoff-just because, and, in return, she’s going to coach me! (Our first session was this week and it’s awesome! Some of you are wanting to get her information so you can tell her what you’d like her to coach me on, I’m sure!)

Here are some of my favorites of beautiful Susan and her man, our buddy Geo…I LOVED that they posed for me! I had to start with this one, since a coaching session with Susan is much better than old fashioned brain tonic!

See their show HERE!

January 14, 2010 - 10:40 pm

kelley - love the chair!

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