Top 10 of 2010!

I cannot believe we’re almost 1/12 of the way through 2010! I think this year is going to be a perfect 10 at KDP and here are some reasons why!

In no particular order…the “Top 10 things Im excited about for  Kim DeLoach Photography this year”

1-Cindy!   I’m passing the administrative side of things to a VERY capable woman! YAY! You’re sure to see a difference!

2-Mini-sessions!   I’m beginning the year with a series of Mini-sessions! In February it’s “Field of Dreams”…30 minutes in my favorite field! The economy is a hit on everyone…here’s your chance to get KDP quality for discounted session fees! More mini-sessions to come!

3-Bundles!  I’m SO excited to be offering Bundles of Goodies this year…where I’ve packaged a bundle of portraits and prints for you-taking the guess work out of making your purchases. I’m still selling A-la-Carte, too…you’ll hear more at the time of your session!

3-Canvas Wraps!   It’s custom,  it’s modern, it’s my Favorite new item on the price list this season!

4-Canvas Wrap Clusters!  Well, ok, this may actually be my FAVE! It’s the modern chic look of one wrap mulitplied in order to showcase a “story” of your session on your wall!

5-Database!  Really, I’m so excited that Cindy will be building our database so I can help track the status of your session and you! I’m pumped to think ahead to sending valued clients special information through the year!

6-Blog contests!  This year, when I post a blog of your session, you will have an opportunity to invite friends and family to view, as always, but….if they leave a comment (show me some love!) YOU will win KDP products! More soon…

7-Jana Candler Photographers!  (as I said this top 10 is NOT in order, or really, this one may be at the top!) I’m joining with Jana’s network of wedding photographers that will have AMAZING customer service and fun activities throughout the year for our brides!  

8-Facebook Fan Fantastic Sales! Join Kim DeLoach Photography on facebook and stay tuned for awesome sales throughout this year!

9-Customer Service Upgraded!  I have mentioned this before, and I am excited about Cindy’s joining me for the help it will be for me, but ALSO for the upgraded customer service we’re going to be able to offer YOU!

10-Design Consultation!  My motto this year is “Stuff on the Wall, stuff on the wall, looking so cool with your stuff on the wall” (ok, that really isn’t my motto, but the ‘Pants on the Ground’ craze has hit me! My goal for 2010 is for YOU to have BEAUTY on your WALL instead of on a disc or in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere! I desire to create art of your family members and I’d love for you to display it as such! For this reason, I’m offering design consultations in your home to nurture your decisions of what to choose from your session and how to arrange the choices!

So, with January almost behind us, these are the things we’ve put into place this month…For this year to be a perfect 10!

I hope you’ll allow us to be a part of your year!

January 25, 2010 - 1:11 am

kelley - #10 sounds SUPER cool..right up your alley!

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