I was driving back from Litchfield this weekend having lots of story time with my friends Renee, Amy, and Shannon…and at the end of one of my stories, Shannon commented that it was interesting to her how many times I used the word “friend” when I was talking about my photographer buddies…I mean after all, we are “competitors” also-right?! We are…to a degree…competing-for your business- but we all offer our own style, so although we DO the same thing, we don’t offer the same product exactly…we each offer you an Artform that is, well…US, unique to how we see what we are capturing. (This is why is it almost impossible to shop well by price alone when you are searching for your photographer for family portraits or weddings!)

So, all that being said, this is my FRIEND Sabrina! She happens to be a fabulous photographer-and we happen to have a church body and many friends in common. My favorite part of our morning together was having an authentic chat about this.  I love being with “real” people…and Sabrina is real…real funny, real talented, real sarcastic (takes one to know one), has real depth…and as you can see, real beauty!

As I’ve said before, there’s no greater honor than having a photographer ask you to photograph them! Thank you for the honor, Sabrina! Best of Wishes for your upcoming website-I can’t wait to see which image(s) you choose to use.

Here are a few of my favorites…

There are MORE in her show HERE! Take a look! Then show us both some love below…

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