We Need Something to Break…

…this was our prayer request at small group 2 Sundays ago, as we do need someone to hire Mike to build them a house or do a custom renovation, or buy a lot or 10 at our NC property he’s developing! (He’s Heritage South Properties of Greenville-call him!)  And I had forgotten ALL about it until last night’s meeting when Wes said “ok…you said you needed something to break and I understand a few things have…” (chuckle, chuckle) BINGO!  Let’s recap…first it was my camera-during the reception of the wedding below, one of my Canon 5Ds went down-horrible noise-that’s why I carry 2! It’s just a mirror that needs to be reglued, so the 5D Mark II will have to wait (bummer!) Then the following week-just after I’d edited over 3000 images from Tiffany’s wedding and posted her show, the NEW mac decided to NOT turn on! The hard drive is in tact-and the images are ready to post as soon as I get the minor power problem (under warranty) fixed…and hopefully the sweet machine will be home tomorrow! (I do still have all of the images on cards if the hard drive had been corrupted, but I would have to spend 2 more days editing them again, so I opted to wait on the mac to return.) There are others of you waiting on a few things from me also-SOON, I hope! Thanks for your patience as I’ve been a little scattered without my usual equipment!

So, last night I begged for our group “LET’s PLEASE REWORD the REQUEST NOW! as I can not “afford” anything else to go!”…and of course this is tongue in cheek as God is not concerned with semantics!

This will be a week of a few fun baby and toddler posts…so stayed tuned! here are sneak peeks of all 3…

Here’s sweet Ella Grace modeling my new baby girl cocoon I purchased on Etsy a few weeks ago! ADORABLE!

Here’s Sweet Addison…I’m loving my new wall Mike built for me for the loft!

And here is the youngest of my favorite nieces…Ashlyn! on yesterday’s very warm 2 year old session! Isn’t she AWESOME!!! She totally cooperated for-ever…I heart her!

Spring is in the air-hooraaaayyyy!!!

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March 16, 2010 - 3:43 am

wanda rogers - Tiffany & Cody
The pictures are Beautiful! As you both are inside and out!! May God bless and keep you both as you are now . We enjoyed each and every moment we were there. Stay in touch, Love ya Aunt Wanda ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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