Spring Sprung

It’s about to get cranked up at KDP! I’m so excited about a full April…stay tuned for all sorts of blog posts

I was bummed yesterday and couldn’t quite shake the frustration…another piece of equipment in the shop, but at least I now know it isn’t due to user error! Anyway, on my way home from Spartan Photo (again) I decided I needed to breathe in Spring for a few minutes, so I stopped at the lovely Milliken campus. Since all of my gear was in my car, I decided breathing for me means shooting, so I found myself camera in hand and taking photos of Spring. It was awesome “therapy” for me and I hope that it brightens your day today.

Spring has sprung…

Because photos to music are even better than photos alone…the Spring Show is HERE!

If you’d like to purchase any of these images, go to the main site, enter proofing and there is a public gallery that you may order from.

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