Gracie on the Go!

It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Karoline and Joe, especially since we’ve attended the same church together for many years! When Joe booked their session he made the disclaimer that they had a “very busy 2 yr old” and I chuckled to myself and thought ‘aren’t they all!’ but-oh, wow! Little Miss ‘Gracie’ has feet that barely hit the ground they move so fast! She was on “go” the entire time we were together. I love her-she gave me a great workout!

You are sure to fall in love with her too-with just one glance…I know she has Mommy and Daddy charmed and they are grateful for the gift of her!

Here she is…

Gracie isn’t a baby anymore, but she is the “Sweet Baby” of Karoline and Joe’s life, a testimony of God’s love and showing that good things do come to those who wait… See here show HERE!

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