Introducing Mrs Lindsay Jackman

Lindsay and Chris have been in our small group for a few seasons now and we absolutely love them both, love them together, and were super excited to celebrate with them today!

When you look up “Southern Charm”, you might just see Lindsay’s photo there! She is more than a beauty queen… she is true beauty. When she walked into my den with her wedding dress on, I think I audibly gasped! The stunning gown was redesigned for her so it would “move”…and I think it “moved” everyone who watched her wear it at today’s grand lakeside celebration! I cannot wait to show you the happy couple and the fabulous celebration, so stay tuned!

Until then, it is an honor  to introduce the new Mrs. Jackman!

And because it was a baseball scholarship that the Lord used to bring Chris “down south” to Furman and would eventually lead to him meeting his bride, Lindsay wanted to give her man some fun shots from the field…the baseball field!

The decision for printed portrait was a tough one-see Lindsay’s show to see why! It’s HERE!

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