And They Danced…

There were a few titles I was toying with for the blog post of Lindsay and Chris Jackman’s Wedding Celebration- ”North and South Unite” “All Roads Lead to the Lake” …ok, it’s just so fun when you know the bride and groom and can celebrate with them beyond just being their “photographer” -but it also makes it hard to put into words all the sentiment that builds up in your heart as you  watch them prepare as much for their marriage as they do for their wedding day! And when everything is just perfect-in every detail of the wedding and in their compatibility as a couple…words seem inadequate. These two are precious-and we all have fallen in love with them!

So as I was trying to script this post in my head this morning and was struggling to do so, it came in via email! My “Daily Reading” from John Eldredge…and I think it was perfectly planned for my post-and for this sweet couple, so I’m hoping The Ransomed Heart crew doesn’t mind me lifting it!

About heaven…”the setting for this will be a great party, the wedding feast of the Lamb. Now, you’ve got to get images of some receptions entirely out of your mind-folks milling around in the church gym, holding Styrofoam cups of punch, wondering what to do with themselves. You’ve got to picture an Italian wedding or, better, a Jewish wedding (or Chris and Lindsay’s wedding). They roll up the rugs and push back the furniture. There is dancing: “Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well” (Jer. 31:13). There is feasting: “On this mountain the LORD Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples” (Isa. 25:6). “

Eldredge goes on to quote Yeats “And the people came together and the people came to dance and they danced like a wave upon the sea”- or in this case,  ’upon the lake!’

Lindsay and Chris, yours will be a celebration that we all will remember for many years to come! I hope your marriage, like your wedding, is SO full of dancing…May God bless you as you journey together!

Here are a few collages of some of my favorites…

Don’t be fooled-the girls danced too! They are in the show!

The happy couple left by pontoon into a dark, storm and I was crazy enough to get on the water with them…and sometimes crazy pays off…here’s the beautiful wedding site, illuminated by gorgeous sheet lightening! and they “sailed off together and lived Happily Ever After…”

I feel like my post doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story, so take a few minutes, grab a snack and enjoy their wedding show HERE!

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