Congratulations, Erin and Justin!

Erin and Justin were married on Sunday afternoon, May 16,  at the beautiful Furman Chapel followed by a reception at the Younts Center on campus. Lifelong sweethearts, the two became husband and wife as they recited their own special heart written vows to each other. The ceremony included prayers by each of their Dads, and I’m certain there were not many dry eyes in the place. The two included in the service a song sung at Erin’s parents wedding and ended the service by giving a rose to each mom, which was done at Justin’s parents wedding.

As the ceremony was rich with the tradition, the couple chose to leave southern tradition and see each other prior to the ceremony. This was my first “first glance” moment. The time we saved on group photos before the ceremony allowed me,  Erin, and Justin to go to a few chosen spots on campus for a special portrait session, until a storm chased us inside to the reception.

The bouquet toss was tossed as Erin instead honored her Grandmother with a special bouquet, celebrating the honorably long marriage of her grandparents. The couple left to a rain shower of bubbles…off together to live “happily ever after” Here are some favorites from the day…

I love the gorgeous windows at the chapel-here’s my favorite of Erin but I can’t decide if I like her here by herself or in the next one with her groom to be…

This is, hands down, one of my ALL-time favorite ring shots, taken (of course) by the fabulous Christy Mason!

The wedding party

The Grand Entrance is really Grand at Furman!

Every wedding has its funny behind the scenes story-EVERY one of them does! We were literally running to get in before the storm started…this gentleman was the second Furman visitor to ask to photograph Erin and Justin (it just cracks me up) anyway-we stopped, let him snap a shot and started running for the cars..Erin and I were giggling that we felt like we were in Runaway Bride…and I had my camera at my hip snapping-and here it is…my Favorite of the day (I know I have a warped sense of humor, but you gotta love this shot!)

And after a reception of celebration, the bubble leave…

See the wedding show HERE!   Blessings to the Happy Couple!

June 2, 2010 - 5:26 am

Sabrina - These are gorgeous… and I’m with you on the window/silhouette pictures. Don’t know which I like better!

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