Introducing….Mrs Kathryn Wallace

Kathryn and Drew were married this evening at Mitchell Rd Presbyterian Church. I can’t wait to show you images from the sweet celebration…but I’ve been waiting to post this for a few months!

Kathryn and I met for her bridal portrait in early Spring when the dogwoods were in full bloom and the warm air was super inviting. We used the beautiful Furman Cherrydale house as one setting, proceeded to the gym for some BB shots for Drew, and ended up in a neighbor’s gorgeous yard.

I had a blast with Kathryn and her family as we played with fun posing into the evening. I think the only complaining was from me, about the Civil War project that Walker was working on for Kathryn’s class! He and all the 3rd graders at Mitchell Rd Christian Academy love ‘Ms. Williams’, even though a few of us aren’t as fond of social studies as we are of her (sorry Kathryn-what do you expect from a math major photographer?!)

I may not be suppose to know the famous question of the day which was “All this for ONE portrait?!” and we won’t call names, but I will give a new answer-”No sir, all of this for a portrait and this fabulous bridal show!”

So without any further delay…My Faves of the new Mrs. Kathryn Williams Wallace (ok, did you know your new name even sounds historical-or was that just a movie?)

The ONE for the wall…it looks so beautiful on canvas!

and a few others I love…

One for Drew!

And at the amazing gate…

There are MORE, too…See her BRIDAL SHOW HERE!

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