Introducing Mrs Katie Jackson

Katie Schaaf and David Jackson were married this evening at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Greenville SC. But as always, before I post more about that and the celebration that followed at the Westin Poinsett Club, I’m happy to finally show you The Bridal Session!

Katie is a funny lady-I dig her sense of humor, a little sassy with a ¬†sarcastic edge…and I’m sure that is well gifted to her as she teaches Middle School! She just cracked me up all during her bridal session! There are MANY faces and poses of Katie, from elegant to sweet to silly to a little scary…again…I’m sure that serves her well in her occupation.

So as you watch her show, you will see some of the poses of Katie the teacher, some of Katie the little girl charmer, and Katie the grown beautiful woman who is now a wife! It has been fun to work with you, girl! Here are some faves of our ¬†afternoon of bridals we caught in between a few drizzles…

OH! and by the way-she is wearing her Mom’s wedding gown that was altered in style a little to be perfect for Katie-isn’t it gorgeous!?!

You see that face?! Don’t leave this blog without watching her show HERE!

Stay tuned for the Wedding Post next week!

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