Happy Anniversary to the Dions!

We don’t like to talk about it-especially as wedding photographers to soon to be brides and grooms, or as a culture in general, but everyone who’s married knows that making it through the first year marriage is a GRAND accomplishment!

I often laugh at God’s sense of humor. (I mean He made me, so why wouldn’t He make me to think He’s funny?!) And marriage is a classic example of His creativity! I mean, what other vehicle could He create to make us NEED Him more than marriage. Asking 2 creatures wired completely opposite to coexist-no, more than that, to put each other 1st and respect and love our new “neighbor” that is always there more than I love myself…even if they leave the toilet seat up ALL the time?! It was quite an eye opener to my own selfishness…and maybe I’m alone, but I think I’ve’ heard enough stories to know…that Chelsea and Joseph have reason to celebrate! YAY! The 1st one is over…with a lot of prayer and dying to self, they only get better and better from here!

I can hardly believe a year has past since their gorgeous May wedding! It was such a blast to photograph their special day and we’ve been talking about doing this “After Wedding Session” ever since. I thought it was WAY appropriate that we finally got to it just after they celebrated their one year anniversary….and it was a very sweet moment when they saw each other dressed up again. They were in my den and my kids just stared (like they’d never seen this kind of sweetness before-and we all know Mike and I are like that all the time!)

Joseph and Chelsea are favorites among mine and many other kids at Grace as they lead our middle school program. I love, love, love (but don’t always get) Dion’s d-r-y- sense of humor…and Chelsea is just a sweetheart that we all adore! So it was super fun to do this session for them! I called this an “After Wedding Session” that would’ve become a “Trash the Dress” session if Furman’s fountains had been on, but…thank goodness for small favors-whew! I was SO afraid I was going to have to explain to Carole why the dress was ruined.

Here are some epic pics and a few sweet ones too…LOVE you guys!

They rocked this jump shot! One of my all time favorites!

See more of the Dions HERE in their After Wedding Session SHOW!

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