The Spann FIVE!

There are some times that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my “job” and last Tues morning, the moments leading up to it, the moments after it, hearing response from it, and even right now is one of those times!

Mary Beth contacted me a short while ago and said “We are going to need you on Sept 14-are you free?” and I responded that I was and inquired about the type session she was wanting. She told me it was Eli’s birthday, but also that it was so much more and asked if I had read her blog? I had not so she sent me the link and as I read I felt as if I were watching a movie-you know, the kind that makes you so happy that it leaves you reaching for tissue after tissue and you end up drenched by the end? Well, theirs is that kind of story!

I had to ask the girls to share…

from Mary Beth:

Our family grew from four to five in one happy instant when Donald’s daughter, Kirsten, found him on Facebook (gotta love it). Kirsten had been adopted at birth, and Donald never knew if he’d see his sweet baby girl ever again. 20 years, a wife and two kids later, Donald was blessed with a miraculous reunion, and our family gained a daughter, our oldest, who we love dearly. Kirsten met her baby brother, Eli, just in time for his very first birthday, a time that we will cherish forever.

From Kirsten:

Looking back on these pictures it is hard to imagine my life without these amazing people I now know as family. I was adopted at birth twenty years ago. In fact, I reconnected with Donald, my biological father, on my twentieth birthday! I have been blessed with more people who love me and a little brother and a little sister who I can now watch grow up. I am so happy I got to be in Greenville for my baby brothers first birthday and for some old fashioned quality time with my father and his loving wife Mary Beth. Now that they are all a part of my life, I am never letting them go!

So, as you can imagine,  it is my honor to show you their family session images-without any FURTHER delay~The five of them!

Tissue anyone?!?

Daddy and his 3 kiddos…

They already have inside jokes that make them all giggle…I love it!

If you don’t watch THIS show, I can’t help you! Here they are…the Spann Five-OH!

September 24, 2010 - 6:55 pm

Mema - Awesome !!! made me cry,,, with joy that is!!
Pictures are GREAT!!!! Photography awesome.
Love the family and their story !!

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