Today is a  PERFECT TEN!!!! How are you celebrating?! My day has included a little worship time at my favorite red barn with some of my favorite people, concluding one of the most perfect weekends!

I was thinking last month of the number dates and wanted to let you know some of my thoughts-warning…it’s crazy…

This year we’ve had 8-9-10, and 10-10-10 and the preceding 10 years were the same…so how long will it last?!?

(photo is totally irrelevant to post-but it’s my perfectly awesome kiddos-but oh, wait-there are numbers in it, too!)

in 2001-we had 01-01-01

in 2002-we had 02-02-02

in 2003-we had 01-02-03 and 03-03-03

in 2004 we had 02-03-04 and 04-04-04

in 2005 we had 03-04-05 and 05-05-05

in 2006-we had 04-05-06 and 06-06-06

and 2007-we had 05-06-07 and 07-07-07

in 2008-we had 06-07-08 and 08-08-08

in 2009-we had 07-08-09 and 09-09-09

in 2010 we have 08-09-10 and 10-10-10!

in 2011-we’ll have 09-10-11 and 11-11-11

in 2012-we’ll have 10-11-12 and 12-12-12

in 2013-we’ll have 11-12-13

in 2014-we’ll have 12-13-14 and then it will all END!

ON MY 45th birthday!!!!

What an awesome gift for this photographer who is also a bit of a numbers buff (and admits to how weird that is!)

Hip-hip-hooray to almost a Decade and a half of Number Fun!

Speaking of numbers-how bout those Gamecocks taking down the #1 team of the nation!?!

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