Welcome Baby Colt!

I finally met Dani and Jeff last winter as a few friends got together for an afternoon of snow play. I didn’t know at that time they were expecting another baby and when I heard the news in the Spring, I cried…and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

You see, a few years ago, I got an email from a friend asking me to pray for her friends who had just lost their 17 week old baby. I joined many in praying for this couple and though I didn’t know them at the time, as a mom, my heart so heavy for them as they grieved the loss of their precious baby, Walker. Dani and Jeff became common names among our friends as we continued to pray for healing and comfort that only our Father can offer, so I was excited to finally meet them! I was even more excited and truly honored to capture this special time for them…for God has given them another son! Meet Colt!

Colt was born on 10-01-10 and Dani told me that although she was hoping for a 10-10-10 baby, she thinks the date is pretty cool, too. Walker was born on 04-05-06 so Dani, like me (see post of 10-10-10 below), is fond of numbers!

This is the sweetest little buddy…and I just adored being with him and his Mommy and Daddy…and being in their home with gorgeous photos of Walker proudly gracing their walls. We had a ┬álot of fun with Daddy’s other babies, too (:

There are sweet ones, there are rocker baby ones, there’s bows, there’s wheels, there’s something for everyone! See Colt’s show HERE!

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