Kim and Her Girls

When Kim and I were scheduling Lauren’s senior session, I asked her if she’d like to do some family photos as well and I was very happy that she decided to! Kim, Lauren, and Catherine are all just gorgeous, but more than that, they have the sweetest spirit and I was encouraged just by being with them for the afternoon.

I sometimes am at a loss for words for my posts and have guest writers who can tell their own story much better than I am able to….this is Kim’s…

“Scott and I were married almost 21 years when he passed away and in those 21 years God blessed me with the love of my life and the two loves of our lives – our daughters.  Scott was an amazing man who lived for God and his family…always putting us a close second to God.  He was “the healthiest person I know” is what everyone would say about Scott…he was an avid triathlete and took awesome care of his body.  On September 11, 2008 he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and our world as we knew it came crashing in.  He underwent surgery and then high doses of chemotherapy and was deemed “in remission” in December of that year.  What a wonderful Christmas it was that year!!  In May of 2009 the cancer had come back and mutated into an aggressive form of Lymphoma called Burkett’s.  His only hope was to have a stem cell transplant in Houston, TX at MD Anderson Cancer Clinic.  The doctors were very hopeful and confident that they could cure Scott.  We moved to Houston in late May and he began a horrible regiment of treatments to prepare his body for the transplant.  During one of those painful days he told me when he thought he couldn’t take the pain any longer he would think of Christ on the cross and that gave him strength to go on.  To all of our disappointment, none of the treatments would put the Burkett’s into remission long enough for the transplant to be successful.  We were there four months and then in late September we were told there was nothing more they could do.  The day our oncologist gave us the news he wept with us and told Scott there had never been anyone he wanted to cure more than him…he told Scott he was his hero.  We were home a week before he died.  He was able to see a lot of family and friends and be the best man in his brother’s wedding before his work was done.  On October 5, 2009 he passed away peacefully.  The girls and I promised him we would celebrate his life for the rest of ours…and that is what helps me put my feet on the ground every morning.  I know I am solely responsible for my girls now…and so I do a lot of praying!  We are very close…always have been.  We miss him so much but we try to laugh a lot and keep his spirit alive by sharing his story.  He accomplished so much in his 45 years….a lot more than many accomplish in 80!”

Here are Kim and her sweet girls…

These sisters are SO fun!

Lauren and Mom!

Catherine and Mom!

a little focus on the youngest princess!

I had a blast meeting you three and am honored to share your lovely photos with the world…as well as your story!

See more of these three HERE in their show!

October 26, 2010 - 3:57 pm

Tonya Hayes - Absolutely a heart wrenching story but at the same time a story of a love and faithfulness and a sweetness that permeates from her words! What an inspiration and beautiful mother and blossoming daughters!

Wow! God is good all the time, all the time God is good.


October 25, 2010 - 8:20 pm

Kristen Foy - Awesome pictures! You have captured the beauty in the Shuey girls, inside and out!!! They are absolutely precious!

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