Mission Accomplished!

Downtown Baptist, Greenville, SC…new home of Grace Church…Friday, 2:30…Secret Mission…Undercover Balcony Operation…Do you Accept Assignment? I said YES! And SO DID SHE!

When I pulled into the church Friday afternoon I waited in my car until the dark truck arrived, followed by another vehicle. Out stepped two well dressed gentlemen in dark glasses. They checked their watches, glanced around to assess the situation, and walked towards each other. As I stepped out of the car a deep voice asked “Are you Kim?” and I said “Are you FBI?!” ┬áRichard, soon to be promoted to “Groom” status, smiled…

A well thought out plan sent Memory, soon to be “Bride”, on an adventure for clues throughout the town…and the well executed plan lead her straight to the Downtown Baptist Church, where she met her man, as invited, at the altar.

Of course he got down on his knee-every detail had been methodical and perfect! And I clicked away as he spoke softly to her and asked her to marry him…and she, just as softly, said “Yes!”

Congratulations Richard and Memory! Best of Wishes for fun planning of a fabulous Wilmington wedding and for a life of joy and adventure together as you journey as husband and wife!

Updates and waiting…

The Proposal


More celebrating with Mom!

See the story unfold HERE as you watch the Proposal Show

November 1, 2010 - 4:05 pm

Jana - I so cried reading this! Such a sweet moment and so much thought put into this proposal. I LOVE IT! :) Awesome job, Richard! You too, Kim ! :)

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