A Charleston Proposal

I love love love Charleston! So when Becca told me Doug proposed to her there, I knew we had to go! These two are super sweet together and I loved hanging out with them for the afternoon-we couldn’t stayed for a few days and not taken advantage of all the photo spots there, but we concentrated on the location where Doug proposed…on the water front in the park.

Doug told me that although the plan was to propose to Becca in the amazing gazebo, the spot was occupied that evening and he settled for a nearby bench…and she said “Yes” and didn’t care where they were. But-the gazebo was NOT occupied this afternoon, and since he already knew the answer, I persuaded Doug to ask her again-in the spot of his liking (you know, for photos, of course!)…so he did.

Here they are-Doug and Becca…soon to be husband and wife…

See their Show HERE!

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