Alexandra and Family!

This is Alexandra and her sweet pup, who looks when you say “chicken!”, and her Mom and Dad. I’ve known this family for many years now and it was so fun to watch them interact on our session. I did have a “take away” from it…

Alexandra asked me to do some nature photography…she was enthralled with some “bird” that she saw under the bridge, but we all kept doing what we were doing and ended up really basically ignoring the request. When we were done posing at the tree trunk, she took off back down to the under side of the bridge and a few seconds later this GORGEOUS blue heron (I think) flew out from under it and soared beautifully past. Well I was dumbfounded-was this the “bird” you wanted us to see? It was…so hopefully lesson learned-don’t ignore young people! Take time to explore God’s world with them-they don’t miss a thing! No I didn’t get a shot of him soaring, but here are some favorites of the people and the awesome pup!

See their whole family show HERE!

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