Terri’s Family at the Park

There is an “ahhh” moment when I realize my photo session involves teens! Not that I don’t love toddlers-you know I do! But these girls were willing to pose and pose and pose some more-so fun!!! They are ready to embark on a modeling career should they desire. My favorites of them (though they aren’t going to share the sentiment, I’m sure) are of them laughing and goofing off together. Mom and Dad, you two did an awesome job posing too! It almost looked like we were doing an Engagement Session! So sweet.

Ok, there are a TON of these beauties-and I didn’t want to delete the very one they would choose of themselves, so your gallery is FULL. I selected a few of my favorites for the show-and this post-I hope you all love them!

See more HERE in their family show!

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