Tis The Season!

It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas…all over town! (I’m sure he’s reading Dickens!)

Just today I was at a dead stand still in Greenville traffic on Haywood Rd. It was more than just the regular “surrounding areas come to town” kind of Friday afternoon traffic, it was “surrounding areas come to town for Christmas shopping” kind of Friday afternoon traffic! I settled in and thought “tis the season!”

It IS the season…for traffic, for shopping, for baking, for Christmas cards…and on and on!

All the photographers I know agree that the BEST Christmas gift is the one that keeps on giving…all through the years! Photographs of the loved ones! And a close runner up is Gift Certificates for 2011 sessions for photos of the loved ones!

So, if you have blessed me by having a session with me this year and plan on giving photos for Christmas, I am so grateful! Please note that the deadline for ordering boutique and canvas items through the order form is Dec 15. If you are ordering photos that are 11×14 or smaller through the proofing site, you have until Dec 18 for Christmas delivery.

For Gift Certificates for a 2011 Kim DeLoach Photography Portrait Session, please email me by Dec 15! For gift certificates, you may pay half now, non-refundable, and half at the time of your session.

So, continue on your merry way, as fast as traffic will allow, enjoying all of the holiday festivities….and remember to be jolly-after all, “‘Tis the season!”

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