Double Digits

Our “baby” has enter double digits!

Ten years ago I woke up early, after a night of two Christmas parties, to a weird sensation and soon knew it was TIME! Walker’s due date was Dec 29, so this was quite a surprise! All of a sudden the previous day of activity made sense-baseboard washing and Christmas wrapping with a unusual sense of urgency! He apparently had a sense of urgency too, for not only was he 3 weeks early, he arrived on the scene super fast! He’s been going 90 miles a minute since! The famous question asked by his big sis, Lizzie, early in his life is “Why did we name him Walker, we should’ve named him Runner!” (: so true!

I hope you have many more wide open years full of adventure and joy, Walker. You are the laughter of our family! We love you bunches and bunches!

Happy 10, Walker!

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