Introducing…the last new Mrs of 2010!

I LOVE that I am ending the 2010 season with a wedding…especially the wedding of such a sweet couple!

Ashley and Kevan, it has been such a pleasure to work with you and your family! Ashley, you must be awarded the “trouper bride of the year”, as our Fall mountain top session was a foreshadowing of the Fall of 2010…frigid! I’m not sure how long it took you to thaw, but I know we were frozen, so I can only imagine weathering the elements in a strapless dress! You can’t even tell in these images, but you certainly can see so much joy and beauty that flows so easily out of you. You are indeed a gem!

We’ve been waiting to show everyone these, so now that it’s official…Meet the new Mrs Ashley Post!

I LOVED Ashley’s emerald green accesories, especially her shoes…and if you’ll keep your eye out around town, you’ll see those awesome shoes promoting the 2011 Greer Station Bridal Expo to be held at the Greer City Hall on Feb 26!

There are more! Don’t miss her show HERE!

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