The Storm that Missed

The wedding day of Memory and Richard was filled with dark clouds and super strong gusts as North Carolina lay victim to the ferocious Spring storm that crossed the nation throughout the week. There were many tornados that wreaked havoc on the state and although Wilmington felt the effects of the surrounding destructive winds, she stood untouched-this time.

I ¬†admit that a spirit of fear grabbed hold of me pretty strong as I drove to the reception location early in the day to plan the “indoor” photography spots, only to find a tent…that’s all-a tent-a large, very cool tent, but still. What would normally have me jumping for joy-a perfectly placed white tent on the edge of the water on a Spring night literally stopped me in my tracks…and I began asking the questions…”Where will we go?” “What strength wind will the tent withstand?” And the one that made all the workers laugh, although I didn’t think it was funny at all… “Have you seen the forecast?!?!” A few prayers later I was able to battle the panic attack and begin texting many of you-”Please pray!” and you did and my fear went away….and as God would have it, this time, the storm was diverted. As the photos and reports of damage and loss of life began pouring into the NC stations the following morning, I chose to be super grateful for what we were sparred rather than getting wrapped up in what could have been. There is one thing I know- God is the same God of the destructive storm as He is of the calm that fell across the bay on the evening of Memory and Richard’s wedding. The wedding was sheer bliss, so when I blog about it there will be no mention of storms-for it did in no way put a damper on the day’s celebration. I just wanted to reflect here…on the Morning after Easter, when we celebrate that our main problem was taken care of by a resurrected Savior. I do believe my crazy draw to weddings is more than an unquenchable romantic thirst, it is the picture (if you will) of our future…for one day we, the bride of Christ, will meet the Bridegroom. ¬†(I am just glad that April 16 wasn’t the appointed day!)

We planned ahead to have a “Morning After Session” on the beach…and given the weather on the wedding day, I was SO glad we had…they are probably my favorite wedding images EVER…I am giving the session its own blog later this week, so stay tuned…

Here’s a peek

April 27, 2011 - 8:04 am

Sabrina - I love this shot… and I can’t wait to see more!!

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