Gray and His Big Sisters

These girls have caught our eyes for many years with their bouncing curls and adorable smiles…Lizzie has wanted to claim them as sisters for a while! So when we found out that they were going to be big sisters, we were so excited for their family! Addison and Sarah Campbell, along with Mommy and Daddy, have welcomed baby Gray into their family! And he is JUST as sweet and charming! He has a sweet cheeky smile and gorgeous blue eyes and a fun little personality already! I LOVED getting to hang out and photograph them all (Mommy takes gorgeous photos herself, so it was an honor to be chosen to be the photographer for these 3!)

This was the gown that all three children wore…and Paige embroidered their initials and dates of Christening on the slip…love it.

See them all right HERE in their show!

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