It’s on my mind-Exposure!

Exposure is one of the main ingredients of photography… (stay with me even if you aren’t a tog buff.) It is, by definition, “the total density of light allowed to fall on the photographic medium while taking a photograph.” So as a photographer, I am aiming for perfect exposure at all times and I manipulate my camera controls to change shutter speed and aperture and ISO to “magically-with my good camera” make this happen.

We are all, in a sense, a photographer- of life. We want to control the exposure of our pasts, our secrets, our hearts, and our families, and we spend a lot of time working the controls making sure we show perfectly. For me, my freedom comes from knowing that God who knows all, also knows me fully exposed, and loves me anyway. I don’t trust  of any of you that implicitly-most of the time- but here’s me risking exposure…in hopes that it’ll help you feel like it’s actually OK to NOT be PERFECT!

This summer I was coming off a few weeks of intense session quantity followed by my once a year lapse in judgement double wedding weekend! In the middle of all of this I shot a few gorgeous bridal sessions, in inhumane heat circumstances. Once weddings were over and I took a few hours for myself I sat down to edit the final bridal session-Jessica’s  at the Cliffs, still thankful that we’d completed it only moments before the most horrendous hail storm I’ve ever been trapped in. Card after card in the computer…no Jessica. Mad search of house and car, no more cards. Seriously? Again, search cards…no Jessica. How could this have happened?!

Convinced I had erased the images and formatted the cards, which makes them lost forever, I spent hours trying to find words to tell her family. I was met with so much grace from this family that it humbled me to my core-I mean SO much grace. We decided it was worth it to do the session again, so Jessica and her mom gave up another entire day for preparation and met me again, with sweet sweet forgiveness. I cannot even tell you how it preached to my soul. I was battling forgiving myself…the most incredible mistake of my entire career! I’ve shown you that session…she was gorgeous. We showcased the 20×24 at the wedding as desired…end of story. (but not forgotten).

So-YESTERDAY! Mike had to rip my entire car apart because of the AMAZINGLY HORRIBLE smell that the kids and I could no longer tolerate. Other efforts of cleaning had been futile. Seats-out. Carpet-out. Extra goodies under it all-out. Walker came to me with a memory card, which he’d retrieved from UNDER the carpet (?!) and I non-chalantly put in the reader-and THERE SHE WAS!!! Jessica-session 1!!!

I write ALL of this to say. Life is too short to be so hung up on being PERFECT. And when people aren’t perfect TO you, be forgiving to them. We have been forgiven MUCH by a loving Father-who alone is perfect and knows we are not and could not love us more!

I of course canNOT end the story without photos! Here’s MORE of the beautiful (inside and out!) Jessica.

***disclaimer-there has been a kind intervention of sorts by fellow photographers, tweaking my work flow habits to insure this never happens again!***

Thank you Robinson Family! Your disc (of these new 100 images) is in the mail!!!

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