Mrs Bateman-an After Wedding Session!

Kendall and I met for her bridal portrait session after their wedding-once she and William returned from their honeymoon.


If you don’t have to have a portrait at your wedding, choosing an after wedding bridal session or an after wedding session with your groom is SUPER FUN!

1-We don’t have to worry about getting the dress dirty! Not that we’ll try to get it dirty, but…it’s just less time consuming to be able to walk around in it without worrying!

2-You are SO MUCH more relaxed-according to every bride who has chosen to do an “After” session!

3-It’s FUN! After the wedding, there can be a normal emotional dip-let’s face it, you’ve been planning this ONE day for a long time! This gives you a chance to get dressed up again-revive the excitement of the day one more time.

Some brides and couples opt to do an “After Session” the next morning or within a few weeks of the wedding and some wait a whole year…either way, the responses have been unanimous…everyone is always glad they did it! Also, If the weather is uncooperative on your wedding day, an “After” session is a must!!!

I loved working with Kendall exactly 1 week after their wedding! We had so many memories to chat about!

She was GORGEOUS both days but a little “relax” had settled in to her smile and she just rocked this session!

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