Happy New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, it’s always a great time to reflect on the year behind us as we dream about the year ahead. 2011 was an amazing year for KDP because of many of you!!! You have stayed true and loyal and have not let a little thing like a dip in economy keep you from capturing the special people and moments in your life! Good for you! I am grateful beyond words!!!

Many of my photographer friends are wow-ing us with their fabulous photo reviews from 2011 and I’ll admit I’ll probably get around to that once my mac comes back out of the box next week! Until then, I thought it would be fun (at least for me) to  give you my….***drumroll***

TOP TEN Resolutions for 2012 for Wedding and Portrait Photography Clients~

So everyone repeat after me…”I will…

10-Have Family Photos taken at least once a year, even after the kids have grown past the adorable toddler stage and I’ll even pose happily with my spouse for many years to come.

9-Mark my calendar for September to schedule my Christmas Card Session with KDP (instead of waiting til end of November.)

8-Print my digital images! but NOT anywhere that sells groceries or prescription drugs.

7-Print at least one photo larger than 11×14 by the end of the year. (maybe even on a canvas!)

6-LIKE the facebook page of KDP and other favorite photographers and businesses.

5-Not get “Uncle Bob” or “My friend from college with the good camera” to shoot my wedding or special portraits.

4-Not wear white and khaki for my photo session unless I am at the beach and even there with special permission only.

3-Use my camera often, capturing all the daily blessings of family and friends…without joining the professional photographer club.

2-Exercise and Obey Copyright Laws.”

and the #1 Resolution for 2012 for Wedding and Portrait Clients….repeat after me…

1-I will happily pay for great photography because photos are forever!

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