It was Christmas “Adam”, the day before Christmas Eve, and I was driving home from a fun large family session at Lake Keowee. I’ve driven this road many times, but at this particular moment on this particular day, I was stopped. Like ‘turn the car around and take heed’  kind of stopped.

The warm winter sun was dipping low, giving the rocks one last kiss before her farewell. Her glow showcased the strong solid formations that cause many to adventure and explore. Awe. Deep, soul touching, make your chest hurt a little, awe. So unexpected that I couldn’t resist the stop…even though my head was full of lists as  I rushed home to do more shopping, packing, wrapping, packing more, final gifts, who was left, have I bought enough…tons to do…tons. Yet…Stillness. Wonder. Quiet. Majesty…stopped me. Worship.

Before I realized it, the sun was gone…she had quietly slipped away during my attempt to capture this holy moment that had elapsed into almost an hour. I was cold and late and full.

Thank you, Father, for your precious gift of Awe in the Most Holy of Seasons! Merry Christmas to the One who gives and is Majestic!

February 16, 2012 - 1:39 pm

Katie Turner - Taking a minute today to catch up on some of my photog friends’ blogs and I came across this one. Touched my heart today! Thank you for posting and sharing this moment with your readers-friends. :)

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