Happy Birthday, Ashlyn!

It always goes by faster when it’s someone else’s baby but I really can’t believe my niece, Ashlyn is FOUR!!!  I love this funny little girl! She is a mini-me of her Momma who made us laugh all the time, as I remember!

I love that this is her actual birthday, especially since she brought me some homemade cupcakes that were left over from her preschool celebration! We laughed, cried, jumped, twirled, pouted, and wiggled…like all other 4 year old sessions! My favorite question “Who’s your favorite princess?” got a LOL answer today-honestly I can’t believe it isn’t more common…Ashlyn answered “Me!” (of course!!!) That’s why we went to see “my castle” on Disney’s Main St. (Sorry, Cinderella!)

*I remember one other time that I called a little girl “princess” and she gasped “how did you know I’m a princess?!”* Oh, gotta love little girls!

We all love you, Princess Ashlyn! Happy Birthday!!!

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