Old Married People

It’s a common thing to be on a family photo session with me and  all of a sudden I let the kids run and play and ask  Mommy and Daddy to pose together…”I know you haven’t had photos of just you since your wedding!” and the response is almost always “You are right!”

So to celebrate this romantic season, I’m hosting a “Old Married People” Valentine Special!

Post a pic of you and your honey from your wedding day at Kim DeLoach Photography or email it to me and I’ll post it for you-kimdeloachphoto@gmail.com and Let’s VOTE (I promise no campaign calls, though) on the one who needs a NEW PHOTO! Most votes(likes per pics) WINS a FREE Valentine Session! Runner Up will receive 50% off session price! Have your friends LIKE the Kim DeLoach Photography page and vote for you while they are there!

Contest will run through Feb 1. You do not have to be old or married forever to enter!

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