The LOVE Month

February is the LOVE month!

I LOVE that January is over! I LOVE that it’s 70 degrees outside in SC today! I LOVE that my hubby is a handyman and is working to make our new place our “home”! I LOVE Robin Eggs! (Warm weather craving today) I LOVE that my firstborn is a February baby! I LOVE giving away prizes! (Congrats to Angie for winning the Valentine’s Session on Facebook!)

But today, I thought I’d just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE repeat clients!!! I mean, if there’s one MOST AMAZING way for people to compliment you, it’s to come back over and over! I LOVE LOYALTY!!!

Shannon and Larry, my most favorite thing about this session was that I actually captured Larry smiling-no LAUGHING-in a few of these shots!!! It’s been a lot of years coming!!! Ha!

The boys are precious! Thanks for continuing to drive to see me! I hope you enjoy these…

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