Chas and Meredith

My 2012 Wedding Season opens in a few weeks with this sweet couple! Chas, you swooped in and captured her heart super fast and it’s been SO fun to watch you two become a couple…and it will be an honor to watch you say “I DO!” in just a few weeks!

Meredith serves our students at Grace and Chas coaches high school football, so as individuals they are already impacting the Kingdom every day. God bless as you become a team, ministering together as husband and wife. Congratulations! You are about to begin an amazing journey!!!

March 8, 2012 - 11:34 am

Sabrina - Ah! Love these :-) I think my favorite was in the slideshow… it was the black and white one with Chas over Meredith’s shoulder and she’s laughing. She has such a great laugh!

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