Contra to Marriage

As each guy and girl swirled to a new dance floor partner, he tipped his hat to her…and now he’s given her a ring and in January of 2013 she’ll give him her hand again…as they begin the dance of  marriage. See what can happen when you go contra dancing?!

I remember beginning to hear his name as we sat in small group at our house on Sunday nights…May Lauren told us Patrick was “this guy I met at River Falls Down when we were contra dancing” -now he’s ‘this guy I’ll be marrying!’ and after spending time with them during their engagement session I’m SO happy for her-and for him!

Patrick, it’s evident in the way you dance together that you are in the lead, so keep her hand in yours and twirl her and dip her and keep making her laugh and always continue to  romance her as you begin your adventure together. May Lauren, two thumbs up, girl-you are the sweetest and deserve all the happiness and I’m so thrilled for you!

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