Happy Birthday, Cohen!

There are some days etched so vividly into the depths of our memory that we know they will never fade, even when forgetting where I put my keys becomes forgetting how to drive back to my own house…and March 5 of 2008 is one of those days. I remember where I paced as we awaited news of the delivery and where I dropped to sob praises to the Lord when the news was delivered that baby Cohen was still with us within the first hour after he arrived. So today, five years later, it’s with great honor and awe that I celebrate with Emily and Chris and their family and our church community and all whose lives have been touched by this precious miracle boy…and say with deep gratitude and joy, “Happy Birthday, Cohen!”

Like a lot of my Fall sessions, these family photos after sweet Laine was born stayed in the vault for Christmas surprises! I thought today was a great day to showcase them! (We’ll have to do a Laine spin on them later, since they were about her arrival!) But today-they are about Cohen and the whole family, whom God has richly blessed.

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. -Psalm 126:3

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