Lack of Faithfulness

This isn’t a tirade about the lack of faithfulness in our world…faithfulness that makes a marriage stand the test of time,  that makes parents go to the swim meet even in the pouring rain,  or that which helps a friend say I’m sorry after a huge fight,  or even the kind that keeps Chick-fil-A sandwiches taste exactly the same every time you order…no it’s a blog post of true confessions of my own. I have NOT been faithful…

…to blogging!

I’ve been filled with serious conviction, bothering me in my times of pure escapism, when I’m acting as if it really isn’t part of my  process…conviction that has shown up unexpectedly, masking itself as annoyance at each blog post of other photographers, …conviction disguised as  frustration at imperfections in  my “to do” lists -so much so that  I  stopped writing “blog” on the list a few months ago!   So when this  Sunday’s sermon on that fruit of the spirit brought challenging  conviction to the surface I asked, “Where am I not faithful?” I was surprised to have “Blogging” be the FIRST thing that popped into my head! Really, Lord?! This isn’t a big deal! Or is it?!!

No big deal? Well, only if YOU aren’t the one waiting on your spotlight that I  promise when I meet with you before your wedding or email you about before your portrait session. It’s all about integrity…doing what you say you will do. I’ve usually checked the “above decent” box for myself in that category. But not on this-not  in 2013 so far!

What started with a legitimate excuse-my blog WAS antiquated and needed updating to operate correctly- resulted in the kind of  pile up that paralyses!  The blog is FIXED and while my website portfolio part of it is not complete-yet-I am beginning to begin to think of a dig out plan…now that I have confessed. And I’m starting mid-year, mid-week, because I can’t wait on the normal start up markers! As they use to say in Disney’s carousel of progress, “Now is the time, now is the best time….”

I’m asking for your forgiveness (especially from the SEVEN gorgeous couples who have wed already in 2013 and have no presence on this blog-YET!)

So…here we go! Tomorrow’s post is of Kristen and Chaz and their gorgeous wedding at Hidden Hills. They are the half way mark of this season of weddings so far  and I will be going in SUCH a random order to get everyone on here ASAP in the month of July (while I add THREE more couples’ weddings to the list in July!) (I’m trying to not hyperventilate.) This is beyond a “thanks for your patience!” This is a “Please forgive me and let’s get this thing going again!”





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