There are many milestones in life that we all want to capture and I’m so delighted when I get to be a part of those! Sometimes, though, we just need to get pictures because they have grown and changed and are adorable! Here’s Colton-he’s not a new face to this blog and is certainly a favorite! I’ve loved watching him grow and seeing his personality develop! We had a blast during our spontaneous January session! He was cracking me up -almost as much as he was cracking himself up!

Dani, thanks for letting me visit with him! I know you’re so happy we did these-right?  Yes-she’s already told me-and wanted me to tell you-she’s so glad she did these-and you should do some, too! (;

Love him!

February 10, 2014 - 7:19 pm

Dani Walker Smith - love love love!! You are the best, thank you so much. Nobody should EVER wait to get their pictures taken.

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