Seventeen years ago there were a few snow flurries in SC. I  never saw them. I was marveling over a greater beauty. My first baby.

Elizabeth Adair DeLoach.

She was going to be “Elizabeth” forever…do all moms think that about the name they have carefully selected?!  When Walker was born, Elizabeth was almost 4. When he started to talk his early pronunciation of Elizabeth was  ”Bebe”  and for the love of adorable, the whole family adopted that pet name for her. Then Lizzie McQuire became all the rave in 3rd grade and “Lizzie” was gifted to Elizabeth by friends…and she accepted that gift with style and “Lizzie” it has been since. Now some of us still call her “Bebe.” and her friend Rachael sometimes still calls her “Ribbaleth” and McClaine calls her “Lizard” and I occasionally throw out the “Elizabeth Adair” for effect, you know, in “mom tone.” But the King of the Universe calls her “Mine.”

The greatest gift of being a mom of a teenager is watching their story become more and more about Him. She loves her church, her student leaders, the ministy of Young Life, her YL leaders, camp, work crew, mission trips, leading younger girls, bible study-all because she loves Jesus. All struggles of being a teenager, parenting a teenager, being friends with other teenagers, are the most rewarding struggles…because this is a season of incredible shaping. Lizzie, you keep leaning into God in the good times and hard…for you are being molded to look more and more like Him.

As a parent I am confident of this…He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.

-Phil 1:6

Lizzie is an avid Gamecock! “Go big or go home” is not lost on her! She loves to say “War Eagle” for her Auburn Tigers -but  like the rest of the family, she struggles with the “Go Tigers” part of it. She is independent. She inherited the love of driving from both parents. That’s what we’re calling it-love of driving-because to admit you HAVE to be the one driving everywhere you go sounds a little like a control issue. Inherited, I said-from both sides! She loves her Dub and is an awesome big sister to him! She loves friends and being together and group texting and Chick-fil-A biscuits and- not snow or Spanish.

I know you wouldn’t have chosen to be snow bound on your birthday for you have been a social butterfly from birth! But we do have “Big Cookie” prepared in your honor today!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

We love you!!!

February 14, 2014 - 3:42 am

Barbra Bailey Davis - Wow ! Elizabeth .. I can’t believe how grown you are. Happy birthday sweet girl!!

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