Fund Raising

Earlier this Spring  we heard the exciting news…Eleuthera (Bahamas) Young Life was going to have CAMP for their kids for the first time ever! Lizzie’s monogram should have “YL” in it because it’s one of her favorite tools that God uses to draw people to himself. She applied for a workcrew position and when the letter came back that she was accepted, “there was much rejoicing!” Lizzie spent a month last summer on work crew at Lake Champion, which is YL’s upper New York property so she feels God has equipped her for this adventure!

So, the fund-raising has begun! Some of you may receive a support letter on real paper in the real mail soon asking you to partner with her on this adventure. We believe that asking for support is a way God humbles us and expands the mission for the discipline and blessing of the givers, so we are not skipping this practice. We are brainstorming other fund-raising plans…and since she knows someone with a good camera (;  here’s another tool we came up with…and you can partner with her and get something in return.

SO, please join us for the first ever FRIEND MINI!

Details below!


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