NYC and Lemonade

Lizzie and I just got back from our NYC adventure. We loved the city that never sleeps-but not sleeping has left us whipped!

I decided to pack light for this trip so I only took a few light weight lenses…my fisheye and the 50mm  that I borrowed from my friend Kristy.

I’ll be showcasing more of our trip later…

Today I just wanted to confirm that  the office has been closed this week…and will ALSO be closed NEXT week….

SO, if you’re trying to sign up for the LEMONADE STAND MINIS!  please do so HERE.

In the comment line of your time and day desired type “KimD-your name-how many kids participating” It’s important for you to put Kim D at the front because other photographers are sharing the set for this fundraising event.

Once you sign up, email me that  you signed up and  I will send you details on Sunday June 22!

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