The last Friday of May was FABULOUS in its own rights…after all, the last Friday of the hectic school year is the bomb as it marks the romantic threshhold for the dreams of all that summer will bring.

And as the witty Jen Hatmaker has proclaimed, I, too, am  SO DONE WITH IT now…(this is a MUST read if you have children and any sense of humor-really it is hysterical  and gloriously honest and universal…READ IT HERE but then come back)

So I’ve deemed this Friday, the LAST FRIDAY OF SUMMER, the MOST FABULOUS, FO! SHO!

I just read an email from our school who has changed the schedule due to construction and has MOVED the date of the start of school for 3rd and 4th graders back 2 days…I chuckled out loud…oh my WORD, if I had a 3rd or 4th grader I’d send them disquised as an 8th grader…I canNOT even imagine-it seriously would have put me over the edge I have been teetering on for weeks if I thought I could not drop mine off on the day marked in RED, circled, highlighted, etc.

I want to stop here and shout out a HUGE disclaimer for those sending their babies to college this week…I know, I know, but I PICK MINE UP AT NOON on MONDAY, so I’m just saying-READY for  few hours of uninterupted work, without the  ginormous load of mom-guilt or the shuffling to work around the entertainment schedule of summer.

So if you’re waiting for anything from me, you’re on a list that’s crumpled and douced with sunscreen and lemonade…and it’s coming.

Also the past month has been full of four gorgeous weddings…I can’t wait to showcase them all right here! They’re coming soon!

Here’s a FABULOUS FRIDAY Preview for you!

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