More, More, and Ruff Ruff!

If you remember the most romantic gift of photos for their 5 year wedding anniversary…and all the things that tried to keep us from gifting it…
It was only fitting to grab a few more shots for Jeff and Laura!

I LOVE that they brought the rest of “their family”, making our bonus session a huge BONUS!

Aren’t they adorable?!

2014-10-30_0001.jpgSomeone wanted some smooches, too!
2014-10-30_0002.jpgPuppy love…
2014-10-30_0003.jpg2014-10-30_0004.jpg This is what kids do while “Mommy” and “Daddy get their photos together…

Thanks for letting me use a camera that worked and a uncasted hand to grab a few more of you guys!


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