December 29 Twenty Days Early

Fourteen years ago, yesterday, I was doing a normal cleaning of the house when all of a sudden the baseboards began to scream at me. “CLEAN ME NOW!” I was paralyzed to do anything else until they were clean…luckily they were unaware that they actually continued throughout the entire house and once  the bathroom portion sparkled, their  noise subsided. A few hours later I was getting ready to attend an annual  fancy Christmas party and donned my only black dress that fit and was ready to walk out the door with Mike when the small baby doll crib (one of Elizabeth’s Christmas gifts)  screamed at me. “WRAP ME NOW!” Mike said, “Can’t you wrap that later?” “No, I cannot. Just a minute”, I answered. He waited. We arrived to the party “fashionably late” and ate delightful food and left to go to a less dressy small group party and ate more delightful food. At both parties, a few ladies laughed at my stories of screaming objects and warned…”you might want to get a hotel room near the hospital tonight”….which was SILLY…because  our second child was not due until December 29.

Fast forward to a few hours into sleep, on December 9, when the delightful food turned on me and became evil, hurtful, and began to scream at me  ”GET TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!”

December 29 came 20 days early 14 years ago….and after the fastest delivery in the history (well our history) Walker was on the scene! He’s been speedy fast ever since! When he was 2, Elizabeth, renamed “Bebe” by him, asked “Why did we name him Walker? He runs everywhere he goes!”

He’s fast! He’s sensitive. He’s the easiest audience (which works well for a Mom who’s the funniest person she knows.)

He joins in when I’m  singing random songs-  more often than he screams “mo-om!”

He loves the Gamecocks but is sad for his Tiger friends when they lose (but he was even more sad this year when they won.)

He walks just like his dad…with the foot of an elephant and the gaite of someone on mission.

He’s an 8th grade dirt bike riding boy who loves Jesus!

(He’s also a very good photography assistant!)

We just love him to pieces!

Happy FOURTEEN Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 10, 2014 - 7:57 pm

Linda Young Price - And handsome-incredibly handsome (both inside and out). You forgot to mention that

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