Babies R Not Us

Happy 2015!

There are so many things to lead off with this year but after a few months of an abundance of newborn session inquiries I decided this was going to be my lead story.

I love capturing life and welcoming a baby into your family is one of THE highlights of life! Parenting is the actually one of the most amazingly hard and miraculous thing we get to do on this earth! I LOVE babies! I do-I can’t wear lipstick around them because I just want to smooch their  tiny scrumptious smelling head over and over.

But a few years ago we moved out of our house with the dreamy natural light loft into a cozy cape cod that I love…did you insert the word “dark” for “cozy” because that’s the glass half empty-but it’s true.

The influx of photographers in our area includes some of the most creative gals who are setting up studios for newborn sessions and they are doing gorgeous work!

Here’s a little more of the newborn boycott   STORY- it maybe more raw than I actually feel now, but I’m none-the-less resolved.

I am referring you away…but into very good hands!

So I’d love to work for you for your outdoor maternity session and again when your sweet 6 month old is pushing up on that cute belly and drooling everywhere (and it’s warm enough for them to do that outside!)

I’m only boycotting 6 months of your child’s life…and I do love ya!

(Oh yeah, and I’m finally taking the babies off of the blog header that scrolls-because today I realized that was probably confusing the issue!)

January 20, 2015 - 12:20 pm

Tonya Rodgers Hayes - I am so proud of the business woman you are becoming! You are an amazing photographer and part of being great is saying no…Love you girlie!

January 13, 2015 - 2:40 am

Danyel Hajek Harris - I’m in!

January 8, 2015 - 7:56 pm

Hannah Woodard Lockaby - Totally agree with the statement on this picture! One of the best decisions I made with my photography business was deciding not to do babies, kids or families. I can do a competent job, it’s just not my strong suit, and I was doing clients a disservice by taking on jobs I wasn’t totally pumped about. Plus, that freed up so much more time to do what I DID want to do! So now I just refer out to people who are better equipped to take on those kinds of jobs. :)

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