Garrett and His People

Garrett is a member of the Class of 2015. He’s witty and smart and in just a few short months he’s on his way to the honor’s college of USC!

We did his senior session on campus and we let his people join in for a few, too!

I love this…brotherly help!

2015-03-02_0011.jpgTonya and I are college buds, so it’s a bit surreal to think  two of our own will be entering USC together this year! And Bryson is already there to welcome them!
2015-03-02_0009.jpgDon’t you just love a bow-tie?!
2015-03-02_0007.jpgEvery family has a clown and Tonya just thinks she’s their’s…but we all know the real story.
2015-03-02_0013.jpgI watched these two fall in love…a long time ago! I love seeing it still alive!
2015-03-02_0004.jpgBryson and Kathryn…because she’s practically part of the fam, too!


The most natural senior poses aren’t posed.
2015-03-02_0001.jpgGamceock football and wheels! It’s the important things!


Congratulations, Garrett! Here’s to awesome things ahead….

Enjoy his senior show!

March 3, 2015 - 7:04 pm

Tonya Rodgers Hayes - Such great photos to capture this season! Thank you for all you for your clients to capture their personality and the love between family members!

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